Acacia Honey 340G

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Rowse Cut Comb In Acacia Honey 340G (Imported from UK)

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Much like wine or coffee, honey has lots of naturally occurring different flavours, colours and textures. They vary depending on the country of origin and the type of flowers the bees visit. This is what makes our Rowse Taste Discoveries Honeys the perfect ingredient to sweeten your breakfast, naturally. Rowse Taste Discoveries Honeys are 100% Pure & Natural – just like nature intended: with nothing added and none of the natural goodness taken away.
Rowse Cut Comb Acacia Honey contains a chunk of real honeycomb in clear Acacia honey and is made by bees feeding from the nectar of the Robinia Pseudoacacia tree, commonly known as black locust. With a light colour, it is delicate and fruity, with a typical waxy flavour and vanilla back notes.